Happy Birthday Potato!

Today we met at Caitlin’s house in Oakland to celebrate her cat’s birthday. She is the big TWO! Her name is Potato, and she is very nice. We had this awesome idea to make tasty lemon poppy seed ice cream and a delicious and simple white cake. We started by pouring the whipping cream and ended there soon after.  After failing to whisk the cream into “stiff peaks”, we dumped it into the blender for around twenty or thirty minutes.  Instead of  “stiff peaks” the cream looked more like curdled milk.  Our spirits un-dampened, we forfeited the six hour recipe in favor of the simple white cake: a forty minute prep time!  Dun dun dun.

After removing the flower-shaped cake pan from the oven, we recruited Caitlin’s roommate (a man) to get the cake out of the pan (so we wouldn’t burn our hands), and he definitely wrestled that hot cake straight out of the pan and onto the floor.  Oops!  That’s okay, his muscles were just too big for such a small job.  We decided to make Cake Balls out of the left over crumbles–the ones that did not hit the floor that is.  We swear.

Our spirits somewhat dampened, aka now crushed, we hopped in the car and headed to the local grocery store for some immediate sweet treats to cure our DIY depression.  What we are saying is that it was milkshake time.  Especially lucky for us, the free sample today was an ice cream sundae!  Our decision was practically made by the stars.  With vanilla ice cream and miniature peanut butter cups in hand, we headed to the check out stand with a full harvest.

Back at Caitlin’s house we made the most delectable milkshakes–they might not have been completely from scratch, but they were close enough for us.

You might be thinking, isn’t it a bit late in the season for ice cream crafts? The answer is: LOL NO!  We live in California! There is no such thing as winter!  

Sugar cookies baked by Emily…the night before.

Serious cake-balling

Cake balls!

Happy birthday Potato!!


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