A sleepover with friends from out of town!

greek yogurt frosting

This weekend I was privileged to host two of my very good friends, Natalie & Tracy, each from opposing coasts.  Both girls made a road trip out of it; Natalie finishing a cross-country trek that began in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Tracy coming up the coast of California from Los Angeles.  Obviously we totally had a girlie sleepover!!  Even Potato, my cat, had a sleepover buddy as Natalie brought along her adorable papillon, Baby!

Since we were having a lady bro-down, our agenda *obviously* included baking cupcakes.  Natalie suggested that we try a frosting recipe that uses only greek yogurt and semi-sweet chocolate.  It sounds very simple, but mixing the melted chocolate into the yogurt did involve some team work.  Anyway, if you’re not afraid of that and you like the sound of probiotic protein frosting to the power of chocolate then here is how you do it:

1.  Get a 32 oz container of traditional greek yogurt–plain flavor & whole milk.

2.  Bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips, it doesn’t matter what size, that should be your prerogative.  Do not go over board.

3.  Dump the chocolate chips into a double boiler and stir attentively until they are completely melted.

4.  Have your friend help you mix the yogurt and chocolate together as quickly as possible in order to avoid tragedy.

5.  Also, it would be nice if your friend had the yogurt ready in a mixing bowl.

6.  When the yogurt is smooth, creamy, and one with the chocolate chips, you’re done!  Frost the cupcakes!  Use whatever recipe for those, we don’t care.

Pics or it didn’t happen:

Tracy and Natalie exhibit the team work I was talking about.

Obligatory pic of Baby, obviously.


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