Craft night at Emily’s house, + cocktails!

We got together at Emily’s one Monday afternoon for some girl time: crafts and cocktails.  We decided to make drinks with gin because it is made from juniper berries, the idea of which is both romantic and refreshing.  It’s an evergreen!

We began with cucumber-rosemary gin and tonics, which are not complicated but definitely more elegant than just a regular gin and tonic.  It’s not like we’re old men.  Get the recipe here.

If you have more time on your hands another great idea would be to infuse the gin with rosemary–actually a very simple process.  Combine the liquor of your choice (preferably a lighter one) with whatever herbs or spices in an air tight container, we recommend a mason jar, and let it sit for up to five days.  Once or twice a day give it a few shakes, feel free to taste test if you’d like, and when it reaches what you think is the right flavor it’s ready!  Pour it back into its original bottle or jar with a fine strainer and serve.

After our first drink, we decided to get experimental.  Emily took a fresh watermelon and cut it into chunks for us to snack on and muddled the rest with lime juice, like she did with the cucumbers for the gin and tonic recipe.  For this drink, though, forget the mesh strainer as it is much prettier with the muddled watermelon floating at the top!  Also, add soda water instead of tonic for a sweeter flavor.  Garnish with a slice of lime!

Emily found a recipe for grilled fontina + blackberry basil sandwiches at how sweet it is that we decided to try for ourselves.  I mean…how could we not?  Blackberries were in season!

FYI:  That is not a real Frida Kahlo tattoo.  We also applied temporary tattoos that afternoon! SO much fun.

It can be confirmed that that is a recipe for a delicious sandwich.  It can also be confirmed that Emily is very good at making delicious things to eat and drink.

With that settled and two drinks down, we crafted!  The rule was that we had to include an element from all of the supplies  we had:  a wooden frame, gouache, acrylic paint, old calendars, cd booklets, and penguin book cover post cards.  That’s a lot of stuff!

The finished pieces!  Caitlin’s craft is on the left and Emily’s is on the right!  Cheers!


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