Manicure Day: Shellac Edition

We got our nails did!  Emily is a big fan of nail shellac and took Caitlin to Polished Nail Spa located in Berkeley’s “Gourmet Ghetto” neighborhood for an introduction to the world of manicures that last for three and a half weeks.  That is not a joke.  These manicures were pre-Hurricane Sandy and Caitlin’s nails looked fabulous the entire time.  The reality is that the shellac’s good condition outlasts the length of the nail, so after a few weeks there is a bald spot where the nail has grown out but otherwise unless something tragic happens or there is a direct intervention the nails look shiny and fresh for at least two weeks.

Caitlin is an Essie nail polish stalker so her initial expectation was that there wouldn’t be enough “good” or “cool” colors available in the shellac for her usual flare but, as Emily illustrates, there are really many awesome colors, fun colors, and totally chic colors!  We rooted through a cup of sample nails which maybe held forty to fifty different shades–yes, there are a lot to choose from!  The best part about getting a manicure or a pedicure is sorting through the fun and bright variety of choices and the shellac did not disappoint!  Cheers!

Emily chose a bright color combination to celebrate her new job in San Francisco!  Congratulations Emily!

The final product!

Caitlin chose “Big Apple Red” in honor of her trip to NYC and, let’s be real, she is having a Taylor Swift moment.


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