tea, cookies, pom-poms and paper flowers


Happy 2013!  Emily and I had a great, crafty weekend.  Our first craft was to go out on Saturday night and get beer and pizza!  Unfortunately there are no photos, but we had a lovely walk from north Berkeley to downtown, wherein I instagrammed many plants, and it was very nice.  The January cold has been crisp and refreshing…here in California, at least.

The next day, we were feeling mellow and decided to drink tea and listen to music and cut and fold paper for a few hours.


Christmas teapots from our moms!

 Tissue-paper flowers and pom-poms are really fun to make for a party or similar event, but we don’t have anything coming up so this was just for why-nots.  Also, this is an especially easy activity as there are only three necessary ingredients:  tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and scissors.


For the tissue paper flowers, begin by cutting “petals” from rectangular and square pieces of tissue.


Create 4-8 sets of petals in three relatively different sizes–center, middle, outside.  Gather the smallest set of petals into a “bouquet” and twist their bases together.  Continue adding tissue petals this way, until the flower is, in your personal opinion, finished, and then wrap the end of a pipe cleaner around the twisted tissue base.



So much fun!  Okay, so Caitlin’s co-worker taught her how to make pom-poms last week, and we are obsessed, we want them everywhere, we want to make wreaths and garlands and hats and chandeliers.


Yup.  Who am I?  Obsessed with tissue paper pom-poms.

Stack six to eight pieces of the *same size* tissue paper, or more depending on how fluffy you need your pom-pom to be, and then accordion fold them together–like you might do when making a fan on a humid afternoon.  Bind the folded tissue at the center with a piece of pipe cleaner and trim “shark tooth bites” into either end.


Okay, cool.  Fan the tissue and pull each layer of paper up towards the center–aka “fluff” the tissue.



Yeahh!!  So, I guess you could say we had a tea party?  Oh, almost forgot the cookies–more on those later, but for now here is a shot of the last man standing:



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