A Walk To Remember

Emily and I have been really busy crafting lately, like too busy making crafts to even blog about it.  Sorry about that!
We did a really great craft a little while back: I brought some avocado maki rolls over to Emily’s house and we watched the famous 2002 classic film A Walk to Remember, starring Mandy Moore, Shane West, Daryl Hannah (!), and Peter Coyote. Is that his real name?
Despite making jokes about how we totally weren’t going to cry in the end like the pansies we were in 2002-we cried at the end. However, before the movie’s conclusion, Mandy Moore proves herself to be an overlooked style icon of the early ’00s. Everyone at the high school makes fun of Mandy’s grandma sweaters, but joke’s on them because she looked chic as hell.


See her smirking while Shane West drapes over her shoulders? Yeah, she knows. We also couldn’t believe what a serious hottie Shane West was! I even followed him on twitter for a few weeks after…but often the cold hard truth with these actors is that uhhh it is much better to look at them and imagine what they are thinking about than actually know what they are thinking about…the other definition of a heartbreaker.
Anyway, it was a great, easy diy craft!


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