Another great craft idea that Emily and I had was to post up on her couch and watch the 2005 masterpiece known as Elizabethtown.  Now, I had never seen this movie in theatres but I do remember being a wistful citizen of 2005 that longed only for her crush to to invite her on a movie date to see Elizabethtown.  Perhaps it was 2004 and the movie was Crazy/Beautiful…or maybe it was 2003…who keeps track of these things anyway, livejournal??


Okay.  So Elizabethtown is a movie written & directed by Cameron Crowe, starring Kirsten Dunst, Orlando Bloom, Susan Sarandon, and Alec Baldwin.  Randomly, Jessica Biel shows up too. 
Orlando Bloom invents a really ugly shoe and retreats to Kentucky sans girlfriend, job, and relationship with Alec Baldwin to attend to the funeral of his father.  On the way down he meets the spunky and compassionate Kirsten Dunst.  She takes a “picture” of him by making her hands mimic the shape of a camera and winking at the same time she mimes the shutter click.  So that, yeah.  Anyway.
When I saw that Susan Sarandon was in it, immediately I became suspicious… why would she do a movie like this? What? Anyway my hopes and prayers were answered during the climactic funeral scene when she gives a speech (performs a monologue, whatever) that is so so good.  I love her.  Watch the movie for her big part but don’t YouTube it or whatever because that is cheating.


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