Girls Night

Recently Emily and I had a super chill night in at her apartment in Oakland.  We hit the big Whole Foods and, while purchasing the goods for din din, we saw that one of the CDs for sale at the check out was Justin Beiber’s acoustic album.  We were like, oh what?  Thank GOD there is an acoustic album!  Like, how did we not know about this & is it on Spotify.  For real.  It is.  FYI.


Anyway, we made a pretty delicious pasta salad with heirloom tomato slices drizzled in balsamic and an artichoke on the side. 


Hello artichoke!


¡Hola Senor Sliced Tomato!

There is no close up shot of the pasta salad immediate to me at the moment because I am on a bus to Los Angeles and using my phone to write this post, but I remember we put avocado in it. Cheers

I seriously dare you to watch that video, although I do prefer the acoustic version of “As Long As You Love Me”


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