Emily & Mitch got MARRIED!!!

So, on Saturday, March 2-9 Emily and Mitch were married at the historic, wonderful & curious Berkeley Faculty Club.  Literally located in a “quiet, wooded glade”, it is fantastic & magical.  That day it poured rain which symbolizes good luck, abundance, and the possibility that one day we may all take long showers without feeling super guilty.  Obviously, Emily and I were really busy crafting all day.  We did a lot of crafts.

One of my top one favorite crafts is taking taxis, so that day we (and by we I do not mean Emily & me because she was busy getting ready to get married but a few guest stars joined in on this craft) did it big and ordered an extra gigantic SUV cab so we wouldn’t have to split up.  Co-dependant AND stylish at all times.


Rachel & Kristy


Rachel, Kristy, ugh ME WHY IS FACE DOING THAT, Grace


My date for the night KD!

So our next craft was running into Mitch before the ceremony:


We also ran into maid-of-honor Kalli and bridesmaid Jessica:


Check out those peony and eucalyptus bouquets!  Gorgeous!


& bridesmaid MARIAH!  Note Mitch lurking in the background.  Is this some kind of passive aggressive groom guy photo bomb?


So, this craft is called “maybe my flash didn’t go off”


KD & me crafting while waiting for the ceremony to begin!  We are so excited and yes I cried the entire time.


First glimpse of the married couple post ceremony!


I was very excited to see Emily after the ceremony but so were a lot of other people like FAMILY MEMBERS WHATEVER, anyway I got our friend Kate’s husband Jason to take some pics of me waiting patiently for Emily to finish up because a pretty important part of crafting is being polite.




The first dance.  I cried again, duh.  #ibelieveinlove




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